• Investec
  • User Experience | Design | Project management | Front End Coding
Hera is a bespoke legal document generator, when after new regulations came in, it was a requirement to produced new documents for the financial products being sold. Gathering requirements from the business, I created user journeys and maps to produce a product where we would use data from the trading system API’s and other sources and which was then was enhanced by the user to produce a legal pdf based on the data inputed. This also involved designing a bespoke content management system for the copy to be entered which used rules and filters that the data was passed across.

The UX and design of this project was based in research and working closely with the relevant stakeholders to constantly improve on the product, in terms of visual aesthetic and usability. As the product grew, so did the number number of documents and emails that were generated from it as different parts of the business started to use it too.
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